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About blog

Hi everybody. My blog is very new, so would be very great that you all would help me and share my blog with others :D (then you share, write me where you shared and I'll add your link to)

I won't make Butterfly sims 2 retextures because best hair are pay and if i bought it everybody can't use it because they didn't have mesh. But if they would make more free hair, i would retexture them.

Now I'm making Peggy zone and Newsea hair retextures :D

I don't include meshes but you can find pay hair meshes somewhere :D

By the way, if you have request of hair retexturing just write in comment hair original link (if it butterfly pay hair send and mesh) and I will do it. :D

Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Lithuania :)

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  1. I'll add your blog to the SimsCave Finds :)