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Some news

Hi all, 

I know my blog have no new updates about 1 week, but keep waiting, because soon i will share more retextures

One more thing, you know that newsea have awesome hairs, but they are pay and I have no chance to get it to make retextures and if I get it, just after 2 weeks. So I'm searching people which have tsr account and can share with me newsea hairs as soon as possible. I'm still searching bohemina holic babyface and Jenifer hairs. Write me in my mail: raigiux02@gmail.com People who could share account for like years, i will give him b-fly hairs for free :)

4 komentarai:

  1. I love your creations!
    One suggestion is the new hair from peggy, the special gift of July. Available here: http://paysites.mustbedestroyed.org/booty/ts2/peggy/gifts/july_11/

    I loved it, makes a new texture, please!

  2. I will do it i guess and with peggy i have no problems, them hairs easy to get, I need newsea hairs more :)

  3. Great news!
    Hypnotized sims will send new hair textures!
    will be included newsea hairs !