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Hello everybody. I have good news. I'm searching a partner. Because last days I don't have enough time and I really need help.

If you can:

--> Make hair retextures*
--> Make clothes*
--> Do Make up*
--> Make Genetics
--> Make meshes
--> Make objects
ACTUALLY you can do everythig what can be done with sims.

If you can make even one of these things, write me to: raigiux02@gmail.com or leave your contacts in comments :)

* Things I need most :)
BTW you said that you want new color.
Is that something like you want (I mean "barbie" hair color)

15 komentarų:

  1. i like the color :X
    sorry but i dont know anything like retexture or make clothes and stuffS :(
    request: can you recolor newsea soledad m?
    thanks :)

  2. Anon- If you see under the header is upcoming hair. How you see soledad is already retextured :)

  3. I actually really love your 'current' colors, esp. the blond ones :-)

    I didn't get to vote on the textures poll, is it OK to do it in the comment?

    If so, my pick is the 'older texture'

    It makes the hair looks so soft & healthy...

    I'd love this hair in my RL please!! hehe

  4. No, it's not like that. It needs to be shiny. The hair needs to be healthy, soft and sparkle. You are far away from that. Sorry keep trying

  5. @_@ Sorry guys I'm confused now. adrianna, can you give me example then? Or even hair texture which I could use. BTW I was playing in PhotoShop and made new colors. Upload them soon.

  6. DO you know tifa? The colors are what i am talking about, healthy, soft and sparkle. But she doesn't have a blonde barbie. It's dark sun, but the others colors are great. Do light colors. That's what blondes should be

  7. I really love this hair style it's amazing is there anywhere I can download it?,and as for your hair colors I think they are amazing,nothing needs to be done to them.I think they look like Real life silky and beautiful hair.I am proud and keep up the good work :)

  8. Hello dear ! Sorry if I just can't comment each and every blog article of yours but wow this hair colour is just fabulous. I also like very much red, henna colours for Sims.

    About you seeking a partner, does it need to be at blogspot ? I'm more at WordPress and at my LizCrea Sims 2 forum. I don't add any co-author for my blogs. So my forum is http://lizcrea.forumgratuit.fr

    I do retexture clothes and even use a few old ones to put them on other meshes with sexy shoes. I'll post more previews for you at http://lizcreasims2forum.wordpress.com/

    1. Hi, please write you msn or skype to talk with you private. you can send contacts in my mail raigiux02@gmail.com :))

  9. I sent you an E-mail (invitation to my forum) at your E-mail address but will write you more in another E-mail. I don't use msn or skype, sorry :)

    1. can you just give me your private mail? ;)

  10. Sorry but never publish my private E-mail on Internet. It's a matter to protect myself and my family as well. What I'll do is post a few photos of my clothes recolours or remeshed and send you in an attachment to your own E-mail address. There are many clothes remeshed and recoloured by me.

    Stay patient, I'm running a PC scan now and it can take about two hours for me.

  11. I'm updating here to tell you that you will find photos of my clothes recolours/remeshed at http://lizcreasims2forum.wordpress.com/ and all E-mailed to you as attachment (winrar for the photos folder). So you'll know my E-mail add too. :)

  12. Thanks for photos, but it's not what I'm looking for normal everyday clothes and lets be honest - your clothes too sluty for me. I could take you if you would do something like I use last weeks...

  13. Sorry for the late response but real life calls me. I really don't feel offended by your comment on my clothes. Yes they're most of time "slutty" but it's been many years that I wanted such clothes for my Sims and I found the right meshes.

    I can't help much more but thank you for your attention. Keep up the nice work also at your new blog.