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Hi guys sorry for no updating anything this week, after school I don't have ebough time to do retextures. But I'm not about it this time.

I'm often thinking about closing my blog. Maybe you would ask why?
1. Everyday I'm getting less and less downloads.
2. I don't get COMMENTS. When I visit even less popular website I see that creators are getting about 10 comments in each post when I get just 1-2 comments and even just in few posts.
3. because of these 2 facts I'm loosing my passion for creating CC for sims.

So now I'm aking YOU.
Say if you want to save my blog and what more can I do for you to get more comments.
Maybe I do something wrong? o_O

If I get 20 comments from today to 01 21 (next saturday) I will keep updating my blog.

21 komentaras:

  1. hi blue dolphin. Maybe you should find it people to help you in re-textured. About your re-textured, I would like you to do new ones. The blond could be super bright and clear. I would only wear your colors if that happened.

  2. Save the blog. Here's what you could do: add music to your blog, new retextures like blondes shine, bright like silk

  3. Do new retextures like the others said.

  4. hello. Don't close the blog! Do new retextures a blonde color like barbie. Beautiful and Shiny colours. WOMEN'S COLORS.

  5. Yeesssss beautiful and shiny colors!!! My sims would be beautiful. Like princesses! :)
    Listen us bluedolphin

  6. What about calendar gifts?! I think it will attract more people to your site. ah and new retextures i agree

  7. Okey guys I will add new color, but maybe someone can send me that hair color like example? Joana - I will upload some models soon. :DDD Thanks for your comments guys. I didn't expect to get 7 comments per night.

  8. The idea of re-textured are great. But to leave the completely blog, you need to post more makeup, clothes, accessories, perhaps objects for the home, poses you like. Partner with other blogs Sims help them promote their products they will help you release your. The best way to get followers and comments and publicizing your blog. Make a page on Facebook and Twitter for people to give their opinions, make their requests and also disclose to you what is to come. It is difficult in the beginning I know! But please do not give up on your blog! I know him a little while and this is the "My Favorites", I love your textures, I love the idea of ​​creating more, I love your blog face. I hope I have helped you!

    Off: Sorry my English, is that I am Brazilian and is very hard for me to translate! kkkkk!

  9. Save the blog ! Please ! There is small comments, because, not everybody have an acount ;)

  10. Metalania - But there is possible to write without accounts :))

  11. Save your blog please. I set currently mine to private because I got my forum. Look with Google for LizCrea dot forumgratuit dot fr. Also I don't know what the language is on your blog, I don't know what the links mean. Perhaps put your blog in English (language from your account).

    I'm sorry I never comment much : I'm a discrete person and act this way with everybody. For my forum, I would invite you to join. I don't retexture hair but remesh clothes (use better meshes for clothes I like, meshes that have sexy shoes).

    Be patient :)

  12. no more word much to say than thank you for up to date your blog
    please save your blog
    hmmm i'm not well in english but i'll keep follow you
    thank you so much for bunch of stuff you've released

  13. Go to this site : http://shampoodelaranja.com/2009/11/novidades-platinadas.html

    I love that colors. Can you do it? Don't give up on your site :)

  14. Don't close the blog. Don't give up, you are doing a nice job, your creations are beautiful

  15. You could update more often your site. Find new members to help you with the retextures. I like to enter sites and see something new in a few days. Me and most ppl don't like to wait.

  16. Your blog is amazing. You are crazy if you quick. One question, do you convert hair from sims 3 to sims 2? If yes, can you do Cazy hair male Sky? pleaseeeeeeee

  17. Hi blue dolphin, what about this hair color: http://blog.daum.net/_blog/ArticleCateList.do?blogid=0Yf8C&CATEGORYID=1&dispkind=B2201#ajax_history_2

    Go to this site i really love the retexture, but it's not for download, it's only eyes.

  18. :) i really like your blog and i visit it everyday if i can. i like how you recolor those hairs :) i didnt comment and stuff because i'm just too lazy. thanks and hope you dont close your blog :( i will miss it very much :)

  19. please don't close it :[[
    and recolor some of newsea new hair style, your recolor is way better than them :(

  20. DONT CLOSE UP!! D: